About John Basile...

   When asked about his most important influences, the first two names he mentions are not other guitar players; Frank Sinatra heads the list and then pianist Bill Evans. Perhaps this explains why John Basile is one of a select group of jazz instrumentalists who doesn’t sound like everyone else.  


   Musically, his guitar style utilizes a finger-style technique that approaches the guitar like a piano. For John, the challenge of comping harmonic chord fragments and playing melodies simultaneously provides a backdrop for a more open style of playing and improvising.


   His labels, Underhill Jazz and now StringTime Jazz, have produced 7 innovative and critically distinguished releases:  "Amplitudes" - solo guitar improvisations;  "No Apologies"  - featuring Pat Bianchi on organ and Carmen Intorre on drums for a soulful organ trio with a modern approach to unique standards;  "Time Will Reveal"  - featuring Joe Locke on vibes and bassist David Finck showcasing a modern jazz guitar approach to pop tunes;  "Animations" – with John Ambercrombie in duo with Basile exploring the essence of string improvisations of standards and originals; and "It Was A Very Good Year" – an eclectic exploration of jazz, folk, and pop tunes featuring two trios.

    "Penny Lane" is a jazz guitar collection of Beatles tunes and in 2018 a collection of originals entitled "Outside/In" was released. 

   "Silent Night" , John's latest release late in 2019  is a latin influenced jazz guitar collection of holiday themes.  ......"Basile manages to convey delicate emotion while avoiding any distracting affectations."

    Downbeat 2020


  John Basile is a formidable, sought after educator and clinician, offering a variety of educational outreach programs to colleges and universities here and around the world.    

  He also works in the field of radiology managing a large medical group department in the NY area and is a professional boxing judge with the NYS Athletic Commission.

  John has judged championship fights at Madison Square Garden, the Barclay Center in NY, Russia and Mexico.


  John's latest endeavor is writing, recording , and producing cues for television, film, and commercials in a variety of genre's. 

  Stringtime Productions Studio produces all of John's projects and is available for media assignments in all musical styles.

  See the StringTime Productions page for cue samples.

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